Power BI

Power BI data visualization was created as a proof of possibilitiesi:

  • connecting Microsoft Power Bi to archived cumulative and aggregated data in a database designed in 2012,
  • presenting purchasing trends that could be analyzed through anonymous observation of platform users,

Capabilities in the range:

  • collecting data from external sources,
  • creating DAX formulas to obtain additional information to support the analysis,
  • conducting market analyzes.

Sample report, only a small fragment of the data analysis obtained in the field of supply and demand for Apple iPhone brand mobile phones

The report indicates which phone model auctions were the most viewed and bought, clearly indicating that Poles at that time were interested in an iPhone with 16GB RAM, preferring the 4s model.

Due to the appropriate application of Data Analysis Expression formulas, it was possible to obtain conversion factors, etc. from the collected data.
models with 32 GB RAM were the fastest selling with data