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Agronom – an excel application for planning and controlling agricultural crops

Agronomist is an application designed for farmers that helps in farm management. It is a comprehensive tool that allows you to plan crops, monitor their implementation and sell crops. This application is designed to enable users to control production costs, maximize profits and minimize losses.

Agronomist – Module – Planning

Basic functionalities in the field of crop production calculation and planning

  • crop calculator with year-on-year comparison
  • cost analysisof individual agricultural activities, including the use of various agricultural equipment
  • visualization of the use of agricultural plots
  • area visualization
  • yield visualization
  • creating budgets for fertilizers, CPPs, ONand other materials

Benefits of the Agronom Application planning module

  1. Easier Crop Planning: The planning module helps farmers plan their crops easily and efficiently. It allows you to create crop schedules and agricultural activities, including specifying the demand for diesel oil, fertilizers for a specific crop, etc.
  2. Optimization of production costs: Thanks to the planning module, farmers are able to accurately estimate production costs based on planned crops and agricultural activities. This allows you to optimize expenses and increase production efficiency.
  3. Production quality control: The planning module allows for precise planning of the production process, which enables better control of production quality. Farmers can monitor the health of their crops and prevent problems at the planning stage.
  4. Simplify farm management: The planning module enables farmers to better organize their work and manage their farm. By scheduling crops and agricultural activities, farmers are able to plan their tasks for a longer period of time and make better use of resources.
  5. Decision support: The planning module enables farmers to make more informed decisions based on accurate data. As a result, farmers are better able to assess risks and make decisions according to the needs of their farm.

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Agronomist – Module – Realization

Basic tasks for the module performing the functions of financial controlling in the field of agricultural crops

  • performance vs target
  • analysis of agricultural activities
  • generating records of plant protection spraying
  • integration with the ministry’s database
  • automatic update of MATIF quotes

Immediately after entering the activity, it indicates the level of budget implementation or exceeding it

The implementation module in the Agronom application is an extremely important element in the farm management process. Thanks to this tool, farmers can monitor the progress of work in the field, as well as register and control the amount of work and resources that have been used for a given crop.

The benefits of using the realization module are mainly:

  1. Tracking the progress of work in the field: Thanks to the implementation module, farmers are able to monitor the progress of work in the field on an ongoing basis. All information on performed activities is immediately saved in the system, which allows for easy and quick tracking of progress.
  2. Control of labor and resources: The implementation module also allows you to register the labor and resources that have been used for a given crop. This allows farmers to control production costs and make more rational decisions regarding the use of resources.
  3. Optimization of processes: Thanks to the implementation module, farmers can optimize the production processes on their farm. Tracking the progress of work in the field, recording labor inputs and resources allows for better planning and organization of work, which saves time and money.
  4. Improving Crop Quality: The Execution module allows you to track all activities related to agricultural production, which allows you to accurately determine the factors affecting the quality of crops. Thanks to this, farmers can make more rational decisions regarding the use of plant protection products or fertilizers, which translates into higher yields and better quality products.
  5. Increasing production efficiency: With the ability to record labor and inputs, as well as track the progress of work in the field, the Execution module enables farmers to increase production efficiency. Thanks to this tool, farmers can make more rational decisions, which translates into saving time and money and increasing production efficiency.

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Harvest – yield and acreage benchmark

  • scoring of crops and plots
  • Acreage Performance Analysis
  • automation of registration of crop weighing processes
  • registration and performance analysis of logistics processes

The harvest module is one of the elements of the Agronom application that allows you to track the harvest and storage of crops. Thanks to it, farmers can monitor the progress of harvesting, as well as control the amount of harvested crops and their storage.

This module allows you to track harvest data such as when and where you harvested, the amount of harvested crops, as well as the load level during transport to the warehouse. This information is stored in the system and allows for later analysis of harvest efficiency and optimization of harvesting processes. With the Harvest module, farmers can monitor the performance of their fields and track what crops they are harvesting from each plot. This information allows you to make better crop planning decisions in the future.

The benefits of using the harvesting module are primarily better control of the harvesting process and the ability to optimize transport and storage costs. This allows farmers to manage their resources more efficiently and avoid wasting time and fuel on unnecessary trips.

In addition, the harvest module allows you to accurately track the amount of harvested crops, which is especially important in the case of large farms. Thanks to this, farmers can quickly and easily determine how many crops have been harvested in a given season, as well as compare the results with previous years.

Finally, the harvesting module allows for better planning of crop storage processes. Thanks to accurate information on the amount and type of harvested crops, farmers can effectively manage their warehouses and avoid problems related to excessive accumulation or lack of crops.

In conclusion, the harvesting module is an essential component of the Agronom application, which allows farmers to accurately track the harvesting and storage of crops. Thanks to this, farmers can manage their resources in a more efficient and economical way, which translates into better economic results of the farm.

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Contracts together with the calculation of the Technical cost of Production

  • calculation of the margin obtained on the sale of grain
  • calculation of the cost of seed and fodder production
  • sales process management

The Contracts module in the Agronom application allows you to manage the crop sales process and calculate the margin obtained on the sale of a ton of grain. In this module, you can conclude commercial contracts with customers, as well as control the implementation of these contracts.

The main goal of the Contracts module is to allow farmers to get the most profit from selling their crops.

The Contracts module also allows you to calculate the cost of feed. Thanks to this, farmers can accurately estimate the costs of producing fodder and thus minimize production costs.

Some cereals are contracted already at the sowing stage. In such a situation, the farmer undertakes to deliver a certain amount of crops within a specified period, and the customer undertakes to buy these crops. The Contracts module allows you to control the performance of such contracts, including monitoring the amount of grain delivered to the customer.

Agronom is a comprehensive application designed for farmers and agricultural producers, which enables effective planning, implementation and monitoring of processes related to plant cultivation and farm management. Thanks to it, it is possible to carry out agricultural activities in a more precise manner, and thus increase efficiency and profits.

The Agronom app offers many benefits to farmers and agricultural producers. Firstly, it enables precise planning of crops, which allows for higher yields and minimizes the risk of losses. Secondly, thanks to the automatic generation of reports, farmers can track the progress of their crops and accurately monitor costs and income. This allows you to make quick and accurate business decisions.

The Agronom app is also very easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, and the functionality has been optimized so that users can easily complete their tasks. This means that farmers and agricultural producers do not need to have specialist IT knowledge to be able to use the application.

Last, but not least, the advantage of the Agronom application is the increase in financial benefits for farmers and agricultural producers. Thanks to effective crop planning and cost monitoring, the application allows you to get more profits from your business. In addition, automatic generation of reports allows you to save time and resources that can be spent on other purposes.

In conclusion, the Agronom application is an extremely useful tool for farmers and agricultural producers. Thanks to its application, it is possible to increase the efficiency and profits from the conducted activity, as well as to minimize the risk of losses. Simplicity of use and automatic report generation are other advantages that make the application extremely user-friendly.